Headshots for Markham Stouffville Hospital / by Leayen Lam

Today, I “celebrate” my 2 year crani-versary

Last year I donated $365 to Toronto Western because it’s where I had my craniotomy to resect my brain tumor but it was actually at my local hospital, Markham Stouffville, where I was first promptly diagnosed during an E.R. visit. As such, this year around I wanted to donate $365 to Markham Stouffville but I needed some help. 

The past few weeks I volunteered my time at my day job to take professional headshots of my colleagues; donations were not mandatory but I was happily accepting any amount.  I am excited and proud to share that we raised $495; exceeding my original goal by 35.6%!!! I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my peers and it brings a whirlwind of bittersweet emotions to hope that this money will in some way help the hospital help other patients to receive the same, high quality of care I did two years ago. Thank you.