What to wear to a photoshoot? / by Leayen Lam

The most common thing I get asked is, "what should I/we wear to the photo shoot?". My first piece of advice is wear something you feel comfortable in!  The last thing you want is to constantly be fixing your shirt because it's too tight or your kid scratching like crazy because the wool is itchy. Aside from that, here's a few additional tips


  • For couples or groups, avoid wearing similar coloured tops and/or bottoms. For bottoms it may be harder as everyone will probably want to wear jeans. Vary it up with khakis, grey pants or coloured jeans even.
  • Clothes that are too baggy and don't fit well; unless you're going for the hobo look.
  • Be mindful of what your shirt graphics say; better to leave the "I'm with stupid" t-shirt for another day.

Nice to do:

  • For couples or groups, choose your clothes from a similar colour palette. For example, 
    • purple, blue, black 
    • brown, maroon, beige
    • blue, grey, white
  • Simple patterns or better yet stick to solid colored clothing
  • Layers! Bring a nice jacket, sweater and accessories (for example, a scarf or hat) to put on and take off for some shots. That is, if it's too inconvenient to bring a whole other outfit and change mid-shoot.
  • Check out my Pinterest Board  below for more guidance!