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I am photographer from Markham serving Markham, Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). My specialty is in portraiture and candid photography for children, families and couples (incl. engagement, maternity). I love helping people capture those special moments to be cherished forever. My favorite (and highly recommended) is shooting outdoors in natural light. Nonetheless, I'm still very passionate for those cozy, in-home sessions as well! 




Hello, my name is Leayen and I began photography in 2015 when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I had an emergency craniotomy to remove the tumour 3 days after receiving the news. During the months of recovery post-surgery, I was limited from maintaining my normally active lifestyle. As such, I took up baking as a way to help keep myself busy. I found myself feeling very delighted in staging my treats and taking beautiful pictures them. I was fascinated by the power of a camera and the capabilities of post-processing and decided to explore both further. 

I have an amazing husband who is always very supporting of my passions; both mentally and physically when he helps me carry my photography gear (hehe). 

Yes, currently photography is only part-time for me; the job that pays the bills is your typical 9 to 5 office work. I am working towards making the jump to being a full-time photographer. 

When we are not working, my husband and I love to travel, eat, watch T.V., bicycle in the summer and snowboard in the winter. We hit up Whistler in 2017 and next on our to-do is the Swiss Alps! 

My husband, Anthony

My husband, Anthony



The aperture is a circular component that can be adjusted in size to control the amount of light that enters the camera. In order to double the brightness of an image the aperture diameter is increased by a factor of √2. From this concept evolves a natural sequence of increasing aperture sizes called F-Stops, with each F-Stop representing a power of √2.

From the time I started doing photography as hobby to the point where it became a business it's always been me and my husband creating art and having fun. I'm always reminded that in the world of photography, in order to double something you need to multiply it by a factor of √2. And thus the name, √2 Photography ... though the play on words of "route to photography" is not lost on me either.